Eating Healthy at a Wedding ? Here Are 9 Ways to Do it!

Weddings and parties can be very difficult for the people who are trying to maintain healthy eating habits. Wedding is a nice occasion to enjoy yourself but that does not mean that you should let yourself completely go, but should keep a rein on yourself and use the following healthy tips to ensure that you eat healthy.

1) Eat a snack before the wedding that would ensure that you are not attending on an empty stomach and therefore eating more that could seriously disrupt your diet.

2) Treat the occasion as a cheat day and enjoy yourself but ensure that you are able to resume your healthy habits again as soon as the wedding is over.

3) All the cuisines at the wedding are not unhealthy specially, chicken, fish and other similar proteins that are fulfilling but don’t contain as many calories.

4) Be wary of the portions that you eat, ensure that you are taking reasonable portions instead of gulping everything you see in the sight.

5) Try to go home early, as soon as the wedding is over try not to linger because staying there could turn into a drinking reverie leading to heavy eating.

6) Concentrate on socialization instead of concentrating on the food, these types of events are a very good way to meet new people, try to meet new people and make friends that is going to help you in the long run.

7) After the wedding day try to rest and then take up exercise with more rigor, because exercising regularly is the only that is going to ensure that you continue to enjoy the benefits of good health.

8) Drink a lot of water, it is important to stay hydrated. Drinking water not only gives a feeling of fullness but also prevents the individual from eating a lot of food.

9) Try to stay away from the cold drinks and wine as much as possible because these items pack a lot of calories and don’t add any good benefits to the body.

Here are they 9 easy tips to keep a balanced diet even when going to wedding. Let us know what you thought about these tips below!


4 Simple Healthy Eating Tips – It’s Easier Than What You Think

Food is the fuel through which we run the engine of our bodies and can be used with a variety of combinations. But due to the culture of eating canned foods or going to the restaurants in order to eat can be very damaging for the health. Below I share some of the cool tips that an average individual can easily follow.

1) Include a lot of colors in your food.

The key to eating healthy and ensuring that you get all the necessary minerals is to integrate different colored vegetables and food items in your daily meals. By using this simple and visual method you would be able to ensure that your body is able to get all the essential minerals, vitamins and proteins. Different colors in the meals also ensure that you have a variety in your meals that can be more fulfilling.

2) Use whole grains, barley and brown rice.

These grains have more carbohydrates that are more fulfilling without containing additional fats or preservatives.  Whole grains also provide a more filling experience in the meals resulting in lower intake of food.

3) Be careful with your portions.

Most individuals struggle with the portions and have no idea about how much they should consume in the day. The simple rule of thumb is that you have to take the largest meal in the breakfast, then take smaller meals in lunch and dinner.

4) Avoid too much fat and sugar in the diet.

Most modern meals tend to be very rich and contain a large amount of artificial sweeteners and oil that can be very damaging for the health, therefore the best method is to choose healthy foods that take very little oil, fish, chicken and turkey are very nice options. The intake of red meat should be reduced substantially.

The good thing about healthy diets is that they don’t have to be expensive. A lot of people try to avoid improving their eating habits, and blame it on price, but here’s a great video showing you how you can eat healthy on a small budget!


4 Great Ideas for Hors d’Ouevres for Your Wedding

Wedding is one of the most memorable yet stressful occasion in a person’s life. The bride and groom have to go through an extensive list of things in order to make it a memorable event. Hors d’ouevres are one of the critical part of any wedding they are small snacks that are served to the guests in order to get them in the celebratory mood. Below I share some of the healthiest and mouthwatering combos of Hors d’ouevres to make your wedding shine.

1)  Grilled Cheese with Chutney


A simple yet amazingly tasty cuisine that combines the eastern and western flavor to create a great combo that would leave the diverse guests at your wedding satisfied and asking for more. The recipe uses a simple cheese base with healthy tangy fruit sauce or chutney to add character to the dish. It can be consumed with the hands and can be a very popular snack for weddings and parties.

2) Fennel Slaw with Crostini


Adding the freshness of fennels to the sweetness of fish and meat makes this a cracker for the parties. The guests can enjoy this snack with red wine in order to get in the mood to get a crack on the dance floor. A very easy yet tasty Hors d’ouevres for cocktail parties and weddings.

3)  Stuffed pockets


The possibilities are endless you can use different mixtures of meat and vegies to create a unique combo that would be appetizing as well as healthy for the guests. The Hors d’ouevres don’t need to be too lavish a simple grounded meet hot pocket with vegies can serve as a great starter or snack for the guests at the wedding.

4) Shrimp with Chips


Seafood is always healthy. Using the sweet shrimp with cracking chips or beef strips folded around onions or potatoes can also be a great dish.